Decorating with Pink

Pink: A color you may think that is not for everyone.  But hear us out and let us convince you otherwise!

Here are some easy suggestions to incorporate this color into your décor in a way that everyone will love.

Accenting with Pink

Decorating with Pink

If you’re not ready for a committed relationship with pink try adding in accessories to your space. Your accented pieces can be simple additions to your décor such as a few pink pillows or a stack of pink books added to your coffee table. Or, be bold and add in a pink accent chair for that pop of color.

Decorating with Pink

Make your walls blush

One of our favorite ways to add in a little bit of color to a room is addressing the walls! Why not add in a peel and stick wallpaper? It’s relatively easy to use and the best part: it’s removable!

Adding in seasonal art to your space is another great way to bring in pink into a room. There are many printable options online that appeal to all types of styles. Popping a print into a frame gives you a great way to display a touch of pink!

Perfect Pairings

Compliment your pink pieces with neutral colors such as grays, whites, or muted golds. A brighter pink piece would look great in a room with grays or whites, a more muted pink would look lovely with golds and black accents!

Hope this encourages you to bring pink into your space without making you blush too much!

If you think you’ll need a professional eye for decorating with pink, please feel free to reach out to me.