My All-Time Favorite Home Accessories

Sometimes, simple, yet decorative items can make a big difference in how a room looks and feels. That is why finding objects that are both functional and beautiful can be a huge win for any space. Throughout my years as a designer, I have come to rely again and again on a handful of staple design accessories. These home accessories are easy to come by, and they reliably add functional charm and beauty to any room. These are some of my all-time favorite home accessories.

Coffee Table Books

I personally think that any coffee table looks a little naked without a beautiful coffee table book on it! Coffee table books were designed to lay flat and showcase beautiful photography on their large pages. They are made for casual browsing, so they make great conversation starters for when you have company. But they are not just for parties — you and your family will also enjoy occasionally leafing through the pages and for a little knowledge and inspiration. There is a coffee table book out there for every topic under the sun. You can find one that showcases your family’s interests and values — and that ties into the character of the space you have designed. If your space has a rustic vibe and your family is adventurous, you could opt for a coffee table photography book from National Geographic. For those with eclectic and bold tastes, there are plenty of art-filled coffee table book options. Rooms with a botanical vibe will look great with a coffee table book full of photography of plants and flowers. For fashion-forward rooms, try a coffee book of Vogue covers.

Interesting Objects

Most of the objects in our home spaces naturally take the form of straight lines or predictable shapes. Rectangles and ovals are the norm for tables, rugs, lamps, cushions, and even the art on the wall. This is why I like to add a few less -common shapes into each space I design to generate some interest. These kinds of objects may take the form of the following:
● a unique sculpture (wood, metal, ceramic)
● a unusually-shaped vessel or vase (I’ve found some shaped like hearts or even human heads or faces)
● a novelty like an antique typewriter or vintage teapot
● a raw gemstone, rock, mineral, or geode.
Finding objects that are genuinely interesting isn’t always easy, but that’s where relationships with local artists and weekends scouring markets can really pay off.

Catch-All Storage Solutions

Regardless of how organized you happen to be, there always seems to be a few bits of clutter that cannot quite find the right storage space. Things like car keys, sunglasses, and the daily mail tend to consistently end up on tables and countertops. That is where catch-all storage solutions come in. Beautiful decorative bowls in wood or stone or vintage wooden trays can be placed right where this clutter tends to pile up, transforming the pile into something that is eye-catching for all the right reasons.

Large Baskets Made from Natural Materials

It’s hard to go wrong with a naturally woven basket in any space in your home. These baskets are eco-friendly, come in a wide variety of heights and widths, and seem to fit into every design scheme. For example, they can fit right into a mid-century modern room as easily as a space with a more bohemian vibe. I like the way they add a touch of warmth to a room while maintaining an edge of sophistication. But these baskets do more than look good and add character to a space. They are also perfect for storing things like blankets and throws during the summer months, your yoga mat or smaller fitness equipment, or even children’s toys when not in use.

Plants of all Sizes

There is nothing quite like a bit of greenery to bring the outside in. House plants come in all shapes, sizes, and maintenance levels, so they work for practically any space.

Throw Pillows

A few decorative pillows can make your sofa just a little cozier and inviting. They’re also a simple way to add a splash of color, texture, or vibrancy to a room. One of the best things about a throw pillow with a removable cover is that it’s easier to clean, and it’s also easier (and more affordable) to change its look down the road, or even seasonally, if you like. It is not difficult to find interesting covers for square pillows of 17 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches in size.

And as always, please feel free to  contact me for your interior design dilemmas!