Table Talk

table setting

This year holiday gatherings will take on a whole new meaning. After being apart from family and friends for quite some time many of us will have a few hosting plans ahead of us. This means planning good food, good company and a great table setting!

To create the perfect table setting we suggest first deciding on a Formal Vs. Casual setting.

Let’s make it Casual

Weather you’re brunching or having a holiday dinner party with family or friends no need to overthink it!

  • For the table setting – Work your way in when setting the table based on what you will be eating first
  • Have as many glasses as you will drinks
  • Mix metals and textures for an eye-catching place setting – add in wicker chargers or linen placemats
  • A menu on top of each setting will make the occasion feel more special.
  • Avoid all your elements being a similar color
  • Lastly Choose your centerpiece : use varying heights of vases and candles to create a more casual feel

Make it Classy

  • For a more formal gathering more courses means more cutlery
  • Work from the outside in on your table setting
  • Handwritten menus will add that elegant feel
  • Add place cards for each guest
  • Keep centerpieces low for a better sightline for your guests seated across each other
  • Add in a touch of nostalgia with an heirloom piece: maybe China or an inherited décor piece as your centerpiece
  • Don’t forget to address your napkins : Use a beautiful napkin ring, drape them over your plate or simply place them under your cutlery


As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you wish to make this holiday dinner a little more special with a professional touch.